Krzysztof Krak

Lawyer l Compliance and Business Ethics Advisor

Krzysztof uses his almost 26 year experience in law enforcement authorities, conducting forensic audits, due diligence analyses of abuse risks in business activity and business relations as well as within compliance solutions.

For years he has supported private and public entities also from another perspective – as an advisor, trainer and expert. He deals with implementing procedures and systems to receive internal notices on irregularities and conducting investigation. Furthermore, he implements and audits solutions aimed at counteracting corruption and abuses.

In his day-to-day work he handles compliance issues in business activities, ethics, conflict of interest, abuses and corruption. He advises on how to counteract and avoid threats regarding corruption and abuses as well as which action should be taken if they occur.

In completed projects he uses his analytical experience – in order to know why and how to solve a problem.

Sharing knowledge is his passion. He can be often met as a speaker at conferences and as a lecturer at a few universities. He is also an author of many publications and commentaries in media.

He loves travelling and discovering the world. In his spare time he rides a bike, roller skates, skis and runs. A father of three children, he loves spending time with them – mostly arranging LEGO blocks together.


Selected projects

  • Devising a project of Polish methodology of anti-corruption legal acts analysis within ‘Anti-corruption monitoring of the state’s activity’ conducted by ‘Anti-Corruption Academy’ Foundation,
  • Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI) expert in the scope of whistleblowing, corruption risk assessment, ethics and integrity in private and public sectors, forensic proceedings in corruption and money laundering matters,
  • Conducting trainings and classes on post-graduate studies in, among others, corruption risk, counter-acting abuse measures, forensic audits methods and techniques, internal notices management system,
  • Drafting regulations of internal notices for whistleblowers for a few entities,
  • Drafting procedures for Wolters Kluwer anti-corruption, conflict of interest prevention, receiving or handing in gifts and other benefits by employees, notifying of corruption activities and irregularities,
  • Preparing the scope of topics and contents proposals of e-learning trainings concerning counter-acting corruption and whistleblowers’ protection for Anti-Corruption Commission in Macedonia,
  • Preparing and implementing Anti-Corruption Management System in accordance with ISO 37001 standard in private and public entities,
  • A technical expert during Anti-Corruption Management System audits in accordance with ISO 37001 standard in several companies,
  • Preparing a training programme and materials from the scope of ethics and ethical dilemmas in civil service for civil service employees – commissioned by Prime Minister Chancellery (KPRM),
  • An author and co-author of numerous publications, among others,: Guidelines of Central Anti-Corruption Bureau on the scope of anti-corruption solutions (legal and organizational) for JST, Wolters Kluwer 2021; ‘Anti-corruption regulations concerning territorial self-government, Wolters Kluwer 2021; Whistleblowers in an organization. How to effectively implement the system of signaling irregularities? Must Read Publishing House; Corruption and Tender Collusion Risk Awareness in Public Procurement, Urząd Zamówień Publicznych 2018.