Maciej Iwan


Maciej is a law student at the University of Gdansk. So far, he has gained experience working in various non-governmental associations. He also completed the Food Law course organised in collaboration with the University of Turin and the University of Gastronomy in Pollenzo. He began his professional career at MOYERS.

He believes that the law should not be applied in isolation from reality and that a comprehensive understanding of both is the key to success. That is why he likes to work on innovative and non-obvious projects.

At work, he values new challenges, the opportunity for continuous development, a good atmosphere and cooperation.

In his free time he likes to immerse himself in a good book. In summer he can be found on beach volleyball courts and in winter on mountain slopes.


Selected projects

  • Support in communication with supervisory authorities (including Main Pharmaceutical Inspector and National Health Fund) and administrative proceedings,
  • Drafting contracts in the area of logistics and pharmacy,
  • Opinion on promotional materials,
  • Drawing up analyses on the application of different manufacturing and distribution models for medicinal products,
  • Ongoing support for the veterinary industry,
  • Drafting applications to regulatory authorities for individual interpretations on matters related to the distribution of regulated products.